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    Primer Stories
  • Visual narratives about the most interesting things in the world.
In October of 2015, my co-partner Tim Lillis and I founded Primer Stories. Primer Stories is a new, uniquely curated visual medium with DNA spliced from comics, podcasts, magazine articles, and documentaries. We use GIFs, illustrations, videos, and photos to illustrate our stories about the most interesting things in the world, covering the realms of science, politics, film, art, the built environment, natural phenomena, and more.

The market niche is one of explainers, but executed in a way that is delightful and shareable. We'd like to get to a place where a Primer Story is used by experts in their fields to get complex ideas across in a digestible and engaging manner, everything from new scientific breakthrough to political platforms.

We've had three seasons already, and we've gotten tremendous contributions from fabulous writers. Now that we've refined the form and figured out what our brand stands for, we've getting ready to move into the second phase – partnering with different media and other organizations to see what some expanded audience brings us, and moving into some sponsored content.

Check out PrimerStories.com, and sign up to get a Primers delivered to in your box every weekend of a season.